Parish Cemetary

SS. Peter & Paul Orthodox Christian Cemetery
Location: 127 Westminster Pl., Saddle Brook, NJ 07663
Mailing Address: 200 3rd St., Passaic, NJ 07055
Phone: 973-778-0826

About Us

SS. Peter & Paul Orthodox Cemetery is a private burial ground located at 127 Westminster Place in Saddle Brook, New Jersey. The Parish purchased the land in 1920 and is responsible for its physical maintenance and vital records. Plots are available for purchase to all Orthodox Christians, parishioners and non-parishioners alike. We strive to provide a clean, beautiful resting place for your loved ones, as well as a tranquil area for family and visitors. Our cemetery office is located within the Parish complex at 200 Third Street in Passaic, NJ, 07055. The office is open from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm, Monday – Friday. You can contact us by calling 973-778-0826 or via email using the button at the top of this page. You can also fax us at 973-778-1401. If you wish to correspond via U.S. Mail, please use the Parish Office address as there is no office or resident caretaker on the cemetery grounds.

Grave Markers

Headstones and footstones are permitted. Headstones must be granite or bronze; single, double, slant or flat. Monuments may be purchased through independent companies, however the design and content of headstones and footstones must be approved by the cemetery office staff to ensure compliance with Orthodox Christian practice as well as general decorum. The setting of headstone or footstone foundations are generally not permitted between November and March due to the effect of winter weather conditions, however temporary grave markers are typically furnished by the funeral home.


A price list may be obtained by visiting or calling the Parish Office. A purchased plot will include perpetual care at no additional cost, however there is a fee for grave openings. A burial vault is required for all new interments. Deeds are issued after payment is received in full.

General Rules and Other Information

Planning your visit

The cemetery is open daily from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm from November through April, and 8:00 am to 8:00 pm from May through October. Although the entrance gates are always open, for your safety you should never enter the grounds outside of the posted hours. Vehicles may be parked anywhere along the perimeter road as long as traffic is not impeded. We ask that you respect the sanctity of the cemetery grounds at all times and be mindful of the privacy of other visitors. Dogs and other domestic animals, leashed or unleashed, are not permitted, and the injuring or killing of indigenous wildlife is strictly prohibited.

Flowers and Decorations

Only cultivated or fresh cut flowers are permitted and must be properly placed adjacent to the headstone so as not to hinder maintenance. Water faucets are available for public use in season to aid in the irrigation of fresh flowers. No artificial flowers, balloons, toys, or decorations of any kind are permitted. The placing of non-Orthodox religious symbols, masonic or secular symbols, or any other symbolic object deemed inappropriate according to Orthodox Christian beliefs and practices is strictly prohibited. Any prohibited item will be removed, subject to the plot owner’s expense. For complete information please download the cemetery regulations via the link below.

Locating a burial site

Please contact our office staff if you need assistance in finding the location of an existing grave. Most of our burials are documented on, and you can access them by using the search engine widget below. If you would like to add to or correct any records in the database, please contact the Office at 973-778-0826. If you wish, you can also create your own free Find-A-Grave account and share information.

We appreciate your understanding

The utmost care is taken to ensure that your loved one’s burial space is not disturbed when working on a nearby plot, however there are times when this is unavoidable. In such a case, the site will be repaired as soon as possible. Also, please note that there are other occurrences over which we have no control, such as damage caused by weather or wildlife, the growth of indigenous plant life, and other natural occurrences. If you encounter any problems, please contact the office at 973-778-0826 or via the email button at the top of this page.

For a complete list of the Cemetery regulations, please download them using the link below:

For directions to the Cemetery, please use the map below: